SharePoint 2007 upgrade to 2010 for a large NSW community and commercial services organisation.

From what you could find on the Web, SharePoint 2007 upgrade to SharePoint 2010 is rarely a nice and easy experience.

We have got a requirement to upgrade SharePoint 2007 installation to SharePoint 2010.

Customer has got two SharePoint environments: development and production. First step was to upgrade development environment to see what will be involved and try new features of SharePoint 2010 there first.

Upgrade: we have chosen in place upgrade approach, because in our scenario we had a chance to backup and restore the whole environment easily and because there was a lot of custom features and solutions developed and installed so in place upgrade considered a better choice than database attach upgrade. The process went well

We were also able to preserve existing branding and Web design customizations of the original Web sites. That gives customer an opportunity to review existing designs and create new branding for SharePoint 2010 considering changes in the standard SharePoint UI.

We were able to upgrade to SharePoint 2010 and customer was very happy with the results.

Just some things to bear in mind before doing an upgrade:

  • Meticulously check all software requirements and at least download all the necessary Service Packs, Cumulative Updates etc.
  • Have all the license keys handy
  • Make a backup and/or restore point before you make any major step during the upgrade
  • Uninstall all unknown features reported by pre-upgrade checker tool.

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