Mac OS X Snow Leopard + Word for Mac 2011

We have a lot of friends, customers and business partners who use Mac at home or at work. Some of them would like to work with SharePoint from their Mac, but think that document management side of things will lack the smooth experience that Windows users have.

70% of our team use Mac on a daily basis either in iMac shape or in MacBook shape.

We also are very interested in research different ways how people can get value using technologies that they got used to combined with some innovation.

For those who concern about using Mac when working with SharePoint we will provide the set of articles describing the way it becomes possible to use Mac OS and SharePoint together.

The assumption here is that we will use SharePoint 2010 and Office for Mac 2011. In this article we will talk about using Word from Office for Mac to create and edit documents in SharePoint.

  1. Open Safari and navigate to the SharePoint site:

    SharePoint - Safari

    When the site is loaded navigate to the document library that you want to use:

    and select "New Document" command:

  2. Safari will show you some security prompts:

    and then will load the document in Word for Mac:

  3. As you can see it looks familiar to Windows users, but a little different. More Mac style. Anyway there is a ribbon with all the items that you get used to in Office for Windows:

  4. So we have edited the new document and it's time to save. On save the Word will show you the document library location where you started your new document from:

  5. When the document is saved Word will show that the document is checked out:

  6. On check in we will see the comments dialog and then can edit the metadata:

  7. We provide all the necessary values and then save the document:

Easy. What we have seen here is that it's very easy to work with SharePoint using any platform - not just Windows.

Come back soon for more information about using Office for Mac with SharePoint

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