Mac OS X Snow Leopard + Document Connection for Mac

In the first article about using Office for Mac we showed how easy it is to use Word for Mac to interact with SharePoint.

In this article we will talk about using Document Connection for Mac, which is a very interesting and useful tool.

The assumption here is that we will use SharePoint 2010 and Office for Mac 2011. We will use Document Connection to set up SharePoint location and manage our SharePoint documents.

  1. Open Document Connection and hit Add Location button:

    Add Location

    In the dropdown menu select Connect to a SharePoint Site:

    Provide parameters of the connection:

  2. Document Connection opens the site you specified and shows the libraries and lists that you have got there:

    We can browse document libraries and also add and edit documents in there:

  3. We can also use connections that we create in Office for Mac to save our documents to SharePoint:

Easy. :)

Come back soon for more information about using Office for Mac with SharePoint

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